Friday, January 7, 2011

Javanese Almond Layer Cake/ Kue Balapis Kenari


10 pandanus leaves*, sliced
20 suji leaves*, sliced
100ml water
500g multi purpose flour
445g granulated sugar
1/2tsp salt
1700ml coconut-milk
50g cocoa powder
200g Javanese almond, minced well
vegetable oil for spreading

How To Make
1. Put pandanus leaves and suji leaves into a blender and blend them until delicate, then squeeze and strain the water. Take about 120ml or so. Keep a side.
2. Mix multi-purpose flour+granulated sugar+salt in a medium bowl, then pour in 1600ml coconut-milk little by little while keep mixing them until they become soft. Dissolve cocoa powder with remaining coconut-milk, mix it well.
3. Split the dough into two part. Pour pandanus-suji water mix into one part and mix them well until it turns in to green color. Pour cocoa powder mix into the other part, mix well until it becomes chocolate color.
4. Pour about 200ml of green dough, leave it for about 5minutes then pour another 200ml of chocolate dough above the green dough, spread Javanese-almond on top of the chocolate dough, leave it about 5 minutes. Repeat the above process until the dough mix are over.
5. steam again the whole cake for about 30minutes.
6. Take it out of steamer, let it cool on the baking pan itself, then cut it into slices and serve it nicely. Make sure the cake is cold before u cut.

*could be substituted with green coloring food paste.

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